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Frequently Asked Questions

What Causes My Downpipes To Become Blocked?

It could be a number of things and without assessing we would guess at moss or pine needles being likely suspects - it could also be cement or tiling fixant from your roof.

What Improvement Will I See After You Visit?

You will have little or no "run-off" water and reduced smell build up from the piping.

Your pipes will flow smoothly taking water underground and not the floor where it ruins your property foundations.

Also a greatly reduced risk of water exapansion and pipes breaking if there is a frost.

Is It Really That Bad To Have "Veg" Up There

Absolutely, think out about what guttering costs, then the work in installing it - sometimes thousands of pounds - why would you leave that to become a financial burden on you?

Why Shoud I Use You When I Can Have A Go Myself?

Feel free to have a go at cleaning it yourself by all means.

It is truely backbreaking work running up and down ladders with buckets of moss that can hold anything up to 15kg of wet moss at a time.

The average roof can hold in excess of 60kg or so if it's been left a while - Try it - We will be waiting for your call.

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